Enzio Alexandra Andrejew


born: 1966 in Wiesbaden

education: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Physics, Mathematics, Assyriology)

highlight:  surviving my first exhibition with the help of good friends

rock bottom: every morning

heroes: my best friend Christina and fellow artist Delphine

creed: the early bird catches the worm but deserves a decent nap afterwards

good advice: don't think - do!




This is a period of transition - destination unknown.


Let's wait and see...



Art generally is what keeps me alive (I think) - but sometimes it hurts me and then I don't want to be an artist anymore. But then... what  is the alternative? Not living or not making art anymore? Ahh fuck - every day is a fight against this demon. But I am still alive. Not bad, or what do you think?